Poltava Battle & city of Poltava Tour

The historical city of Poltava was place of famous battle between Russian army of tsar Peter the Great and aliance of Swedish king Karl XII (Charles XII of Sweden) and Ukrainian cossacks led by Ivan Mazepa. The victory of Russian army marked the start of power ambitions of Russian empire towards west and strong inclusion of Ukraine in to Russian realm and sphere of interests. The year 2009 marked 300th anniversary of this bloody struggle.
The full-day tour from Kiev takes around 14 hours if taken by train or 12 hours by car. On your way you will have the surrounding of Kiev and typical Ukrainian countryside shown. After your arrival to Poltava you will head to the battleground, where monument of Russian victory was elected (Iron Column of Glory) on 100th anniversary of the battle. Later tour continues with the historical part of the city Poltava with several ecclestial buildings, some of them dating back to XVIII century, military school of Peter I the Great and Poltava Battle Museum.
Poltava is approximately 330 km from Kiev.




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