Tours around Kiev

Even Kiev is very attractive destination offering divers sights and activities, should you be on a journey to Ukraine, there is definitively a lot to see outside of Kyiv as well. Due to its central location and best travel connections, Kiev is the ideal base for trips to entire Ukraine.
The most popular tour from Kiev is by far visit of the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but two-day trips can be organised to places like Odessa, Lviv, Carpathian mountains, Crimea and even Moscow.

Full-day Tours around Kiev

Chernobyl Ecological Tour

Full-day to the former Chernobyl nuclear plant, with entry to restricted zone and the dead city of Pripiyat.
From 117 EUR or 150 USD

Nuclear-Missile Base Tour

Excursion of missile base, where nuclear rockets were deployed and from where nuclear war could be started.
From 110 EUR or 138 USD

Poltava battlegrounds and Poltava city full-day Tour

Trip to city of Poltava, location of large 18th century battle between Russia and Sweden.
From 135 EUR or 189 USD

Ancient City of Chernigov full-day Tour

One of birthplaces of Ukrainian statehood and culture is the city Chernigov, with monuments nearly 1000 years old.
From 135 EUR or 189 USD

Two-days Trips in Ukraine ( from Kiev)

Odessa Tour

Largest Ukrainian port on Black Sea shores, popular seaside resort famous for its beaches and summer nightlife.

Carpathians Tour

Hiking and skiing destination are Carpathians mountains in Western Ukraine reaching more then 2000 meters above sea level.

Lviv Tour

Center of Western Ukraine is hidden gem with its Central European atmosphere often compared to Prague.

Crimea Tour

The peninsula between Black and Azov Sea has plenty of natural sights, as well places of important historical events.

Moscow Tour

The Russian capital is only 1 hour flight from Kiev and you may consider using the opportunity to visit this world metropolis.

Custom Trips from Kiev

The vast land of Ukraine offers plenty of places that are worth the visit and we are pleased to organise custom-made tours for tourists and business groups.