Kiev Shooting events for tourists

Sport and Military Shooting in Kiev

We offer the opportunity not just hold the world famous (or was it infamous) Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle but also to shot single shots in semiautomatic mode or burst in automatic mode with this legendary fire weapon. Other rifles and handguns available at the modern shooting club include Soviet era equipment like SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, Makarov pistol, Nagant Revolver and Mosin WW2 rifle, as well as international top-seller Austrian AUG assault rifle and American Remington shotgun. You may practice your shooting skills at clay pigeon shooting stand build according to the rules of this Olympic trap shooting.
The marksmanship achievements can be debated in restaurant of the shooting club with a glass of beer, soft drinks or with barbeque lunch.
Our shooting events are available for both groups and minitours as of one customer.

Kiev Shooting Tours

Kalashnikov & Sniper Rifle Shooting

The most popular combination includes shooting AK-47 in semiautomatic mode & in bursts and with SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.
From 71 EUR or 89 USD

AK-47 Kalashnikov Shooting

Probably the most successful Soviet export article was the Kalashnikov and you have now the opportunity to know why.
From 58 EUR or 73 USD

Hardcore Shooting

Test your skills with 7 weapons from pistols to sniper guns in the most extensive package we offer.
From 142 EUR or 177 USD

Long-rifles Shooting

This package includes Kalashnikov, sniper rifle, shot gun, special forces assault rifle and historical WWII Soviet rifle.
From 113 EUR or 141 USD

Custom Shooting Activity

Have once-in-a-lifetime shooting experience with any combination of weapons available at our shooting club, from crossbows, pistols, to assault rifles and sniper guns. Complete your day with BBQ lunch, round of drinks or armoured car riding. We will be pleased to organise the event for tourist, incentive, private or corporate groups.