Full day tour to Moscow (from Ukraine)

Trip to Moscow (one day, two nights tour)

In cooperation with reputable partner travel agency in Moscow we can provide flexible itineraries in Moscow. The transfer from Kiev can be in night trains, that save you time you would otherwise just sleep over in one of the cities or by airplanes (8 connections daily).
The services in Moscow include Russian visa support (required for all countries except of former Soviet Union), train station or airport welcome, transfer to downtown, private guide for sightseeing tours of Kremlin, Red Square and other sights of central Moscow, recommendations on restaurants and souvenirs shops as well as Moscow nightlife tours. The return transfer to airport or train station is organised as well.
Typical tour of Moscow includes the most remarkable sights of the Russian capital with stops at the best picture taking points including Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer once blown up by the Communist and only recently built anew, New Maiden Convent, Victory Park devoted to the victory of the Russian arms over the Nazi Germany, Old Arbat Street famous for the street artists, New Arbat street known as the street of casinos and entertainment centres, the White House which was the shooting-mark of the coup d’etat of 1993, KGB Headquarters, the obseveation platform with a breathtaking view on Moscow the city form this most elevated point of the city.


Our tours to Moscow are taylor-made. All details bellow serve only as a sample itinerary.

The tour includes Russian visa support, return train tickets in first class sleeping wagoon (departure from Kiev around 21:00, arrival to Moscow around 07:00 & for return departure from Moscow at 21:30 and return to Kiev at 09:00), train station welcome in Moscow by your private guide followed by 4 hours city tour.


Moscow Tour is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.


From 260 EUR or 362 USD per person in a tour of 6 people, the same package for a solo travaler is available for 325 EUR or 450 USD


Tips are not included, these are at your discretion.
Transfer from your Kiev hotel to train station is not included.
Transfer to Moscow train in evening is not included.

Location, starting point & return details

The tour starts from Kiev Central train station, with return to the same place.

Starting time

The departure is usually around 20:00 (arrival to the station platform 15 minutes before train departure is recommended).


The sample Moscow tour ends at 09:00 the following day, so it takes 2 nights and 1 day, anyhow a more-days trip with overnight stay in Moscow can be easily arranged.