Shoot with most popular firearms

Ukrainian law allows shooting with long rifles to locals and foreigners under guidance of professional instructors and our customers from countries with strict weapons-control legal system really enjoy the possibility of police and military rifles shooting near Kiev.
The package includes Kalashnikov in full-auto mode, Soviet long-distance sniper rifle SVD, historical military firearm Mosin-Nagant that served to millions of Red Army soldiers, assault rifle Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) of Austrian origin and finally Remington 870 known from movies and TV-series as American police shotgun (also the best selling shotgun in history).
Shooting event takes place in modern shooting club located in city of Brovary next to Kiev, with experienced shooting instructors and our guides assisting with translation to English.


* Weapons rental
* Shooting range rental
* Necessary safety gear
* 15 shots with Kalashnikov assault rifle in full-auto mode
* 10 shots with SVD sniper rifle
* 5 shots with Mosin rifle
* 15 shots with M16 - American combat rifle
* 5 rounds with Fabarm shotgun
* Beer or soft-drink(after shooting)
* English speaking professional instructor or translation to English
* Two-way transfer
* Tour guide
* All taxes and obligatory fees are included, there are no hidden costs.


Long Rifles Shooting is available in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.


From 113 EUR or 141 USD per person (applies for groups with minimum 10 persons), higher price applies for smaller groups (for example 137 EUR or 172 USD per person for a group with 3 tourists).


* Tips are not included, these are at your discretion.

Location, starting point & return details

You will be picked from reception of your centrally located hotel, alternatively in front of house, where is your apartment located.

Starting time

This tour is available for starts between 9:45 (9.45 AM) and 15:30 (3.30 PM).


This tour takes around 4 hours (inclusive transfer).